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2016-11-26 10:56:56 by Cyoses

Square Reaper is out!

I’ve learned a ton from making this game so I just want to cover some highlights.
Particle Effects: Working on this game I’ve learned how to use particle effects to cover otherwise awkward transitions or animations.
New Grounds API: I learned to use new grounds API tools such as medals.
Text: I learned how to work with text and custom fonts. (For anyone wondering, HvH was done with a bunch of pictures)
AIs: I’ve gotten better at making intelligent enemies. (Given they’re still not very smart.)

I really hope you guys enjoy the game!

~ Cyoses



2016-09-10 22:08:53 by Cyoses

Hello everyone!

I just thought I'd let everyone know that I will no longer be posting demos on newgrounds. I'll only post finished games here. However if you want to play the demos I'll still be posting them on my site and I'll be sure to provide a link when ever I post one.

~ Cyoses

Hel vs Hell

2016-07-11 22:22:00 by Cyoses

A new game called Hel vs Hell will be coming out soon! You can go to to learn more!